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Trengginas /400

Are you tired of paying big money to cover the IBM AS/400 or iSeries systems?

Are you looking for money in the budget for other projects?

Do you want to protect your IBM AS/400 and other IBM legacy equipment against costly hardware problems?

Do you need the IBM AS/400 to support your short-term projects?

Do you plan to increase IBM AS/400 capacity, but haunted by the expensive cost?

Do you have any trouble getting replacement parts for your old legacy IBM AS/400?

Trengginas provide answers to all necessary support related to IBM AS/400 with Trengginas /400, a service tailored to the needs of companies consisting of IBM AS/400 maintenance, rental, upgrade and spare part.

Trengginas /400 - Maintenance
Trengginas provides support and maintenance services of all IBM AS/400 system from the old generations to the newer ones. Trengginas/400-Maintenance is supported by:

  • Experienced Technicians
  • Availability of spare parts
  • On Site Support
  • Periodic Maintenance
  • 24x7x365 Support Avaiability
  • Quick Response Time

Trengginas /400 - Rental
Trengginas /400-Rental is the right solution for the needs of short-term IT projects that require IBM AS/400 systems without need to spend large amounts of money. Trengginas /400-Rental can be tailored to the needs of the project. We can rent whole IBM AS/400 systems, IOA, IOP, backup devices, Hard-disk, Printer or other special parts related to the IBM AS/400.

Trengginas /400 - Upgrade
Trengginas does not only sell, but also provide consultation and recommendation to upgrade an IBM AS/400 more effectively, efficiently and economically in line with the needs and development of your business.
Our experienced technicians will help you to avoid miscalculation in planning.
In addition we offer an upgrade option includes:

  • Capacity upgrade
  • Performance upgrade
  • Upgrading to a newer system
  • Trade-in with your old devices

Trengginas /400 - Refurbished and  Spare parts

Trengginas has been providing quality refurbished IBM AS/400 since 2003. Many industries/manufacturing are still using old model of IBM AS/400, you may often find it difficult to obtain spare parts, especially for machines that are no longer supported by IBM. Trengginas has stock of IBM AS/400 unit and spare parts of the old and current models. Used IBM AS/400 in Stock !

Used IBM AS/400 and Spare parts availability are subject to change:

iBM AS/400 Units Feature 





Please contact our sales if you require any specific spare parts and IBM AS/400 Refurbished.

IBM as 400If you need anything related to the IBM AS/400 and you are interested in our services / products,
please contact us at:

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